SCSI or Voodoo?

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Date: Fri Jun 1 15:30:37 2001

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> it'll work just peachy :)
> you'll need to use FWB or another 3rd party HD toolkit, apple's HD
> formatter won't work with that drive.


In this case one must buy expensive drive init/mounter utility
program. Not worth it on small scale few runs especially with
aucient stuff. But very useful for using optical drives and cdrom

Yet, there is a "free" solution but you must do it yourself because
apple doesn't allow anyone to download hacked HD SC formatter

Begin searching for the HD SC 7.3.5 formatter patch info, it will
detail how to manually patch it with free editor also from apple too.
The mod is only a hex and easy to find to mod on.

Both unmodified formatter and the editor is available from apple
download section, easier to find them by engine search.

With my patched formatter, can init any SCSI HDs including my elite
1 and fireball ST 3.2 GB and many, many different non-apple scsi


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