SCSI or Voodoo?

From: Jeff Hellige <>
Date: Fri Jun 1 19:33:10 2001

>you'll need to use FWB or another 3rd party HD toolkit, apple's HD
>formatter won't work with that drive.

        That single thing, more than anything else, turned me off of
Mac's for a number of years. There's absolutely no reason, other
than greed, that Apple's hard disk utilities shouldn't be able to
deal with pretty much any drive you toss at it. Afterall, look how
flexible the Amiga's disk tools are. Thankfully, this particular
problem with non-Apple hard disks has been cured and Apple ships disk
tools that are capable of dealing with most any IDE drive, though
there are still problems with SCSI drives since the new systems don't
ship with SCSI. I myself use FWB Hard Disk Toolkit for any SCSI disk
with any of my Mac's.

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