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From: Chuck McManis <>
Date: Sat Jun 2 11:09:47 2001

At 10:24 AM 6/2/01 -0400, Jerome wrote:
>Since even V5.03 of RT-11 allows for up to 8 * 32 MByte partitions for
>the MSCP/DU(X).SYS device driver (the first version of RT-11 that did
>provide for partitioned MSCP devices, you should really enjoy an ESDI
>hard disk drive. If you do find a drive that is more than 256 MBytes or
>eight partitions, you can still use the extra "devices" as data volumes
>under V5.03, but just not at the same time since the limit in V5.03 is
>eight drives at one time (DU0: => DU7:) out of the 256 possible partitions
>on an 8 GByte hard drive (I guess that would be SCSI - not ESDI).

[And a strategy for keeping them straight in your head...]

Wow, I would be amazed if I had that much stuff to run on RT-11. I've got
to get the 11/34 set up now in the rack with the BA23 extender box. So it
will now have:
         Kennedy 9610 (compact 9trk)
         PDP 11/34a
         BA23 expansion chassis
         RLO2 (on the bottom)

All in a low boy rack if it will fit. (it should, I think that is only 25
out of 28 "U" for that rack.

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