Building a new COSMAC Elf

From: Bob Shannon <>
Date: Sat Jun 2 10:27:16 2001

I've got an ELF-II.

Tiny basic was distibuted on cassette tape of poor quality, so it almost never
loaded correctly. As a result, I purchased the basic in ROM that uses the
MM57109 floating point chip.

I may have spare MM57109's, if you think about building an ELF-II under
the hood of an original ELF.

Bob Armstrong wrote:

> I have some RCA COSMAC 18xx family parts, two 1802 and one 1806 CPUs, an
> 1861 PIXIE video (!!), a 1854 UART, and a few assorted support chips. I've
> decided that the best use for them would be to build an updated Elf (I also
> built the original Elf 25 years ago and have always had a soft spot for the
> 1802).
> What software is out there that can run on the COSMAC? Does anybody have
> a copy of Tiny BASIC or figForth for the 1802?
> I have the original Popular Electronics Elf articles, but I'd like to have
> a look at the schematics for the Quest or Netronics Elf versions too. Does
> anybody have copies that they can share?
> BTW, I have schematics and ROM listings for the original RCA VIP (CDP18S711),
> RCA COSMAC Evaluation Kit (CDP18S020, including UT4) and the COSMAC Microboard
> (CDP18S604), if anybody needs those.
> Thanks,
> Bob Armstrong
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