Please help me ID cards(32)

From: Chuck McManis <>
Date: Sat Jun 2 13:06:36 2001

At 01:28 PM 6/2/01 -0400, you wrote:
>4) A small board measuring 8" x 5.50". Made by OMT INC. Model 5400,
>ASSY00060-13 REV T. Has what looks like a 4-pin pc power connector. Really
>looks like a small motherboard with what could be floppy/SCSI/IDE connectors

This is a bridge board I believe. I've got one like it that converts SCSI
to archive tape interface.

>17) ISA. VERSATEC IBM-INTERFACE. A10-026546-002-A. 37-pin DB external port

This one is extremely handy if you know someone with a Versatec
printer/plotter. I had a Color one that I kept for a couple of years trying
to find a 'reasonable' i/f card for it. Finally gave up and tossed it. Oh
well :-)

>24) Intergraph Computer systems LYNX II geometry accelerator. CSMT3020B

Probably a workstation plugin

A lot of these sound vaguely like you could put them together into an
Intergraph workstation. Did some scrapper just have a 'pile-o-cards' or
were they in a box? I'm sure some Intergraph collector on the net will say
"Yeah, and that's a foo, and that's a bar, and ..."

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