Please help me ID cards(32)

From: Headley Sappleton <>
Date: Sat Jun 2 12:28:50 2001

Hi All
I have accumulated some miscellaneous cards from various sources and would like to get some imput from anyone who can identify anything below. I intend to use whatever I can and offer others for swap on this list for those I cannot use. I am interested in memory for my VAXserver 3100 and other equipment's and parts for DEC, HP and IBM workstation, but is open to anything you have available. If you recognize any equipment, please say briefly what it is and what it is used for and with what equipment.
Note: Wherever you see NUBUS/VMEBUS or local bus,is because I do not know the difference, but by describing it like this I may help you recognize it

Photos by request

1) JETSTREAM GRIP PROCESSOR BRD - ASSY 7527-0060 (has 2 nubus/VMEBUS) connectors on both side end of board - size 9.75" X 11"

2) GRIP RAM MK2 BD - ASSY 7521-8500 - connectors on both side end of board - size 9.75" X 11" (received this card is connected to above)

3) looks like 4 boards interconnected. the two main board seems to be ISA and both has what looks like one SCSI connector on each which are connected together by a SCSI cable. One main card has two other smaller cards attached. Both are made by CALIFORNIA DATA CORP. One of the smaller cards attached to it is marked MULTISONIC/PC ULTRASONIC INSTRUMENT. The part number for the main card is P/N C2859 REV D. The other main card is marked MULTISONIC/PC GATE BOARD. P/N C2863. Both main board has a 26-pin(M) external port as well as some small strange ports. Both are 13" x 4" in size

4) A small board measuring 8" x 5.50". Made by OMT INC. Model 5400, ASSY00060-13 REV T. Has what looks like a 4-pin pc power connector. Really looks like a small motherboard with what could be floppy/SCSI/IDE connectors

5) measures 13" x 4.25". This has a smaller board attached. The larger board looks like ISA.. Made by IMAGING TECHNOLOGY INCORPORATED. Both board are marked PC VISION. The main board has a 20-pin external connector.

6) 5" x 13.50" Identification marks are "STORK X-CEL KP0218-30 R727304" Has 4 "clip on" internal connectors - all varying sizes.

7) 13" x 4.75. I believe ISA. Has 4 x 30-pin SIMMs slot. Has 3 x PROMISE TECH chips. Has a bunch of IDE connectors

8) 5" x 4.50". ISA. Made by ANALYTIC DESIGN. I believe this is a video card. Has external 9-pin female connector. 2 x "sound-card like" ports. has a switch and dipswitch.

9) Made by IMAGE STORE 852004-2-B-5/4. measures 9.50" X 12"

10) measure 7.25" x 4.25. has a nubus/VMEBUS connector. Made by BARNEYSCAN AS-115. Has an external 17-pin (DB)female connector

11) 9.25" x 7". MEGASCAN TECHNOLOGY ITF-3102 VME interface. ASSY A33400. Has an external 50-pin connector

12) SEAGATE TECHNOLOGY. ST02. SL04. BIOS 3.3.2. 5.25" X 4.25". Has external 25-pin port

13) ISA board. ORCHID DESIGNER VGA. 835-0008-1 REV B. ORCHID 'S D-VGA version 9.4. D-VGA20326Has 2 video ports. 9-pin and 14-pin as well as a dip switch

14) PRODESIGNER VGA. ISA board. 830-0022-2/C1. ORCHID TECHNOLOGY. PRODESIGNER BIOS 1.2.2, 2.2.2, xl ROM 2.2. External 15-pin connector

15) MEGASCAN TECHNOLOGY FDP-3100 AT interface. A33300-B. 3101 BOOT PROM rev: 1.1. External 50-pin port

16) 13.50" X 4.25". RC ELECTRONIC INC. COMPUERSCOPE ISC 16. Looks like ISA. has 40-pin external connector

17) ISA. VERSATEC IBM-INTERFACE. A10-026546-002-A. 37-pin DB external port

18) SANG COMPUTER SYSTEM GmbH. 16 bit dual FIFO AT interface. MEGA-Link DMA. External 15-pin port

19) LYNX ATI REV C. ISA board. Has a internal SCSI connector. 2 x external serial port

20) AT & T DSP32C-DS V2.1 DGM/MEM/AAP. external 34-pin port and 2 x speaker-like ports.

21) ADVANCE TECHNOLOGIES RP88 RISC Coprocessor. Has 8 SIMMs chip installed (MCM84000AS)

22) Looks like either a NUBUS/Local/VMEBUS by Tektronix inc. Has a 13W3 port. Other ID Bt458KG080, RAMDAC, SN E30110

23) Schroff VME 1-0 BUS 4-slot. 60800 414. There is something attached to two of the slots by Quality Products Int' Model S1E2SP2-1

24) Intergraph Computer systems LYNX II geometry accelerator. CSMT3020B MSMT302 REV B.

25) Advance technologies RP88 RISC Coprocessor. Tektronix. Has 4 Motorolo processors and 8x memory chips (Motorola MCM84000AS ATATAM9201 80ns). This is NUBUS/Local/VMEBUS

26) I vaguely remember pulling this one out of an old Compaq laptop. It has very little ID. It has ISA bus and 5 external ports, which I believe are 10BASET, an 8-pin mini din, 2 ports that looks like speaker port and one "yellow" port. ID: CE168X. P500-0145-02R-HN019839

27) STORK X-CEL. ISA. Has external switch. has 4x memory chips which are soldered

28) SuperMac (NUBUS) ASSY 0007532-0001 REV B. S/N S-NB 502296. Has a chip that says "1003359-0001A Spigot NUBUS ver. 1.0".

29) has a 9-pin video port and a serial port. ISA. ID: A63 IVG-128, DATACUBE 26-00138

30) A 5" card by Raster Image Processing Systems Incorporated. LJPA2 REV A. Has a 25-pin male port

31) STORK X-CEL 4R727311A. ISA

32) ISA. WD7000 ASC. has an external SCSI and an internal SCSI
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