Please help me ID cards(32)

From: Mike Ford <>
Date: Sat Jun 2 13:01:50 2001

7) 13" x 4.75. I believe ISA. Has 4 x 30-pin SIMMs slot. Has 3 x PROMISE
TECH chips. Has a bunch of IDE connectors
Promise makes IDE controllers.

10) measure 7.25" x 4.25. has a nubus/VMEBUS connector. Made by BARNEYSCAN
AS-115. Has an external 17-pin (DB)female connector
Barneyscan was a high end prepress type photo scanner thing.

22) Looks like either a NUBUS/Local/VMEBUS by Tektronix inc. Has a 13W3
port. Other ID Bt458KG080, RAMDAC, SN E30110
Tektronix sold some special monitors for awhile, this looks like a
controller card.

28) SuperMac (NUBUS) ASSY 0007532-0001 REV B. S/N S-NB 502296. Has a chip
that says "1003359-0001A Spigot NUBUS ver. 1.0".
Low end video capture.
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