booting from RQDX3

From: ajp166 <>
Date: Sat Jun 2 21:20:14 2001

From: Jonathan Engdahl <>
> Why are you bothering with an old PDP-11/23? There are much faster
> systems that are readily available and since you have ONLY four serial
> channels (I presume that you are using an M8043/DLV11-J module),
> why would you not switch to a faster, more capable system?

Well, faster than what and more capable thant what?

>I'd be willing to trade an 11/23 system for a Qbus SCSI card that will
>with 2.11BSD on the 11/53. But I'm getting ahead of myself -- I'm not

Good luck as far as I know 2.11 didn't have native support for SCSI. Not
to say you couldn't write your own driver. However when 2.11 was current
SCSI was still called SASI and likely not found on most PDP-11s.

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