booting from RQDX3

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Date: Sun Jun 3 04:28:47 2001

On 2 Jun, ajp166 wrote:

>>I'd be willing to trade an 11/23 system for a Qbus SCSI card that will
>> work with 2.11BSD on the 11/53.
> Good luck as far as I know 2.11 didn't have native support for SCSI.
Most Qbus SCSI adapters emulate MSCP. Thats very nice. You can use any
SCSI disk with any OS that has a MSCP driver. And many PDP11 OSes have
a MSCP driver, as this is needed for popular adapters like the RQDXx,
KDA50, UDA50, KFQSA, ... My Dilog DQ706A e.g. emulates a KDA50 and maps
every SCSI disk or CDROM to a RA80 (with different size).
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