Unisys "Micro A"

From: John Allain <allain_at_panix.com>
Date: Sat Jun 2 21:55:05 2001

Unisys "Micro A"
Anybody know about such a system?

I took in a stray cat system a few months ago, started
parting it out, saw something interesting, then put it all
back together again. Today I booted it up (fits on 15A,
hurrah!) and determined the following:

Base system:
   Intel mobo w/8MB (** 80386, sorry **)
   Adaptec SCSI
   OS/2 on SCSI disk
   internal SCSI tape (QIC)
   external SCSI tape (DAT)
   VGA card

   Unisys "Micro A" CPU card (perhaps DC113)
   daughter memory card
   two multiplexed serial cards
   Another Adaptec SCSI card,
      apparently for the Uni half of the system.
   Another Internal SCSI drive
   two external drives

Surprized it actually does stuff.
  The "Micro A" system is controlled by three OS/2 Apps:
      Admin, ODT 1,
      and SCS (System Control Subsystem) (nice name) (huh?).
   ODT 1 is a cryptic CLI system,
   SCS is a boot console for the HW

Anybody got any beans to spill on this?
is it just a big printer controller?
I noticed the Micro A is apparently microcontrolled.
What was it sold for?

John A.
Received on Sat Jun 02 2001 - 21:55:05 BST

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