Unisys "Micro A"

From: Stan Sieler <sieler_at_allegro.com>
Date: Sun Jun 3 17:27:34 2001

> Unisys "Micro A"
> Anybody know about such a system?

I think this is one of the PC-based A-series "emulator" machine.
The newer ones are some kind of "Unisys ClearPath", and are
very expensive.

If it can boot MCP, I'd be very interested in it!

> I took in a stray cat system a few months ago, started
> parting it out, saw something interesting, then put it all
> back together again. Today I booted it up (fits on 15A,
> hurrah!) and determined the following:
> Base system:
> Intel mobo w/8MB (** 80386, sorry **)
> Adaptec SCSI
> OS/2 on SCSI disk
> internal SCSI tape (QIC)
> external SCSI tape (DAT)
> VGA card
> Add-Ons:
> Unisys "Micro A" CPU card (perhaps DC113)
> daughter memory card
> two multiplexed serial cards
> Another Adaptec SCSI card,
> apparently for the Uni half of the system.
> Another Internal SCSI drive
> two external drives
> Surprized it actually does stuff.
> The "Micro A" system is controlled by three OS/2 Apps:
> Admin, ODT 1,
> and SCS (System Control Subsystem) (nice name) (huh?).
> ODT 1 is a cryptic CLI system,
> SCS is a boot console for the HW
> Anybody got any beans to spill on this?
> is it just a big printer controller?
> I noticed the Micro A is apparently microcontrolled.
> What was it sold for?
> John A.

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