Who needs or wants some C64 computers, 1541s drives, 1541 II drives?

From: Claude.W <claudew_at_videotron.ca>
Date: Sun Jun 3 16:30:49 2001


Still cleaning up here (seems I do this everyweek now) and noticed I have
way too many....

C64s (tan version) with power supply
1541 Disk Drives
1541 II Disk Drives with power supply
C64 Programmers reference guides

I threw out all the bad shape ones, gave some away and still have way too
many...about 4 of each...

All of these are clean and work. They could be going to dump this week if no
takers but it's ashame cause they are fine shape...

See more of the stuff I have to giveaway/trade:


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