VAX 8600 lot hauled (was: Austin Texas UT Auction)

From: Jeffrey S. Sharp <>
Date: Sun Jun 3 16:29:02 2001

Well, I just recently hauled the VAX 8600 lot from Austin, Texas to
storage here in Oklahoma. Despite several problems and setbacks with
the rental truck, the trip was successful. I have not had time to
make anything other than a quick visual inventory of what I got, but
I will present a list here of what I think my lot contained.

(*) VAX 8600 system. This 4-cabinet monster took up at least half of
one side of the 24-foot truck. Man, it is one beautiful machine
though. Mark my words: someday, I *will* turn it on!

(*) PDP-11/44 CPU. I just picked up a /44 a couple of weeks ago, so
this will make a great source of parts for it.

(*) Two RL02 drives, to be added to my /44 system and/or used for
parts for the VAX's console disk RL02.

(*) At least ten RA81 drives. Most of these were marked 'Bad HDA',
but they hopefully can still be used for parts. I'm quite sure I can
find a place for the rest.

(*) Two Kennedy 9300 9-track tape units.

I'll most likely be keeping the above items. The items below will be
sold (on eBay if no one pleads a good case on this list) to recover
some of the cost of the trip. I'm not into this for profit, but
breaking even is allowed :-).

(*) A Stardent machine (may already be spoken for).
(*) Two HP Apollos
(*) A machine that looks like the Apollos, but is a little different
(*) Two MicroVAXish machines in dual rackmount BA23s
(*) A MicroVAXish machine in a BA123
(*) Some emulex rackmount units containing 5.25" drives
(*) A Sun SparcServer 490

The following were left behind to be scrapped :-(. I wish I could
have saved them, but I simply ran out of room in the truck.

(*) Two big printers
(*) MIPS M2000

Jeffrey S. Sharp
Received on Sun Jun 03 2001 - 16:29:02 BST

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