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From: Mark Gregory <>
Date: Sun Jun 3 20:10:43 2001

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From: "Iggy Drougge" <>
(is that better?)

> Which means that although Marvin should really set a correct character
> what's really at fault (again) is Outlook. No decent mailer would go
> changing font sizes because of that.
> So in order to sum things up: Marvin, set your charset - OE users, ditch

Great idea! I can imagine the conversation now ... "Boss, I know that
Outlook Express came free with our desktop O/S, and that 99% of our clients
use it, and that all of the staff are familiar with it, but I really think
we should dump it, because some non-work related messages from text-only
mail programs on 10+ year old UNIX boxen display funny."

I think you're trying to get me to join R.D. Davis in contemplative
(here's hoping you find a new job soon, R.D.).

> --
> En ligne avec Thor 2.6a.
> "Auf Sparc-Maschinen ist Linux weit weniger gut. Auf Maschinen mit sun4
> Architektur ist NetBSD etwa 30% schneller. Wer auf so einer Maschine
> Linux faehrt tut es aus ideologischen Gruenden oder kennt nichts
> Aus: de.comp.os.unix.misc, "Was ist schneller?"

Sigh. Another pointless 5 line sig in a foreign language.
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