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From: Iggy Drougge <>
Date: Mon Jun 4 05:47:51 2001

Mark Gregory skrev:

>From: "Iggy Drougge" <>
>(is that better?)

>> Which means that although Marvin should really set a correct character
>> what's really at fault (again) is Outlook. No decent mailer would go
>> changing font sizes because of that.
>> So in order to sum things up: Marvin, set your charset - OE users, ditch

>Great idea! I can imagine the conversation now ... "Boss, I know that
>Outlook Express came free with our desktop O/S, and that 99% of our clients
>use it, and that all of the staff are familiar with it, but I really think
>we should dump it, because some non-work related messages from text-only
>mail programs on 10+ year old UNIX boxen display funny."

Mark, go to hell and die. You could instead explain that it's a program which
is prone to go haywire and send illegible, heavy messages to people, which in
turn is bad PR.

>Sigh. Another pointless 5 line sig in a foreign language.

Foreign to whom? If you can't be arsed to learn German, that's hardly my
Besides, I sometimes may have five-line .sigs, now I have a one-line one, so
it eventually sums up within any recommendations.

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