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From: Patrick Ford <padf_at_ihug.co.nz>
Date: Sun Jun 3 19:07:04 2001

Gidday ajp166

On 04-Jun-01, you wrote:

>> And what're all you ClassicCmpers doing reading e-mail on Windows PCs
> and
>> Macs anyhow? How embarassing. :-)
>> -brian.

> Simple, other than PCs the only netable machines I have are, Vaxen,
> PDP-11s. Of those the PDP-11s really dont have a OS that supports IP networking
> and the vaxen are all serial consoles (no graphics). Doable on vaxen but not
> practical.

> I might do it on a CP/M crate but then I need a PC to run PPOE to serial
> gateway.
> Its a matter of expediency and general need for modern compatability even
> if I hate PCs in general.

You need an Amiga as a one stop solution. It's definitely classic, but
fully capable to 21st century standards. And the OS normally
impresses mini and mainframe freaks with it's economy, elegance and power.

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