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From: Patrick Ford <padf_at_ihug.co.nz>
Date: Sun Jun 3 19:02:43 2001

Gidday Jeff

On 04-Jun-01, you wrote:

>> YAM 2.2 [040] AmigaOS E-Mail Client (c) 1995-2000 by Marcel Beck
>> http://www.yam.ch

> Very nice client....I was one of the early testers and
> registered users of it. If I remember correctly, the main gripe
> people had with it was that it used MUI, but then again, quite a lot
> of stuff does, so that wasn't a big deal to me.

The anti MUI movement was some sort of hysteria whereby someone
screamed wolf and the sheep all galloped over the cliff. To me it
seems as if people were to go about bragging that they were eschewing
four-wheel-braking on their car.

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