you vs. museums

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Date: Mon Jun 4 01:51:20 2001

What sort of museum is he talking about here? I have a close friend who
works at one of our local Art Museums, and she said that the museum burns
through well meaning volunteer's like light bulbs, and hardly bothers to
even say thank you when the volunteers leave. Being used and abused by a
disinterested museum beauracracy sounds like a hell of a good time to me!
Even so, I would get a lot of personal satisfaction out of helping to keep a
museum's computer collection in good shape, and it's a good cause but I
don't think that I could work for very long under the indifferent,
micro-managing, egocentric museum officals.

We don't have any computer museums in Seattle, that I'm aware of but there's
no way in hell that I would volunteer to help them unless they asked me to.
I am all in favor of volunteering to help non-profits, in principle but any
museum (type) organization that is in any way, shape, or form connected to
local or federal government agencies -like a city Art or Natural History
museum is NOT the most gratifying or efficient way to do it. It's a well
meaning act but the museum administration doesn't care -there's a million
where you came from, in their opinion.

If you want to volunteer, and have it really "mean" something, go help at
your local food bank, or soup kitchen. They mean it when they say, "thank


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Just a note from a museum person who stumbled upon your discussion from
March '01...too bad you have this antagonistic attitude - you could
probably share resources with a local museum and do a lot of good. They
would love the information you could provide (and maybe do some public
good with?), and they might have resources (including potential access
to grant money, etc.) that you would also enjoy. It doesn't seem like
them offering someone a tax incentive should be such a problem in that

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