you vs. museums

From: Geoff Reed <>
Date: Mon Jun 4 16:54:14 2001

I agree, I've voulenteered for museums locally here in the seattle area
before and they work you to death and then you get no thanks from the
museum. one p[lace I voulenteered at didn't even have a water fountain
accessable for those of us slaving for them, they pointed us at their
"gift/snack" shop and informed us we'd have to buy it, the free drinks (and
all we wanted was water) were for staff only.

At 11:51 PM 6/3/01 -0700, you wrote:
>What sort of museum is he talking about here? I have a close friend who
>works at one of our local Art Museums, and she said that the museum burns
>through well meaning volunteer's like light bulbs, and hardly bothers to
>even say thank you when the volunteers leave. Being used and abused by a
>disinterested museum beauracracy sounds like a hell of a good time to me!
>Even so, I would get a lot of personal satisfaction out of helping to keep a
>museum's computer collection in good shape, and it's a good cause but I
>don't think that I could work for very long under the indifferent,
>micro-managing, egocentric museum officals.
>We don't have any computer museums in Seattle, that I'm aware of but there's
>no way in hell that I would volunteer to help them unless they asked me to.
>I am all in favor of volunteering to help non-profits, in principle but any
>museum (type) organization that is in any way, shape, or form connected to
>local or federal government agencies -like a city Art or Natural History
>museum is NOT the most gratifying or efficient way to do it. It's a well
>meaning act but the museum administration doesn't care -there's a million
>where you came from, in their opinion.
>If you want to volunteer, and have it really "mean" something, go help at
>your local food bank, or soup kitchen. They mean it when they say, "thank
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>Just a note from a museum person who stumbled upon your discussion from
>March '01...too bad you have this antagonistic attitude - you could
>probably share resources with a local museum and do a lot of good. They
>would love the information you could provide (and maybe do some public
>good with?), and they might have resources (including potential access
>to grant money, etc.) that you would also enjoy. It doesn't seem like
>them offering someone a tax incentive should be such a problem in that
>Best wishes,
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