you vs. museums

From: John Allain <>
Date: Mon Jun 4 19:29:23 2001

It was <dollar-sign><dollar-sign> in Unicode utf-7.
I think when I use reply-to I get different char encoding,
possibly variable, than if using ``New''.
Amazingly, even though the header is bound to the
message, MS will deny showing me, now, the message
in the intended format, there seems to be no way to turn
off an viewer encoding override, yeah, there is an 'auto
select' setting present in the menus, but it doesn't.
So I have to go through the menus to find the matching
view. I'd been trying to stay out of the encoding thread
because I knew I was living in a glass house.

Another gripe: There is no way to view message source
before sending it, even in the Drafts folder.

To MS:
   Brilliant, Guys!

John A.
(lets see what the header source is this time)

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On Mon, 4 Jun 2001, John Allain wrote:

> Increase corporate +ACQAJA- donations,

Okay, what the heck does this mean? I keep seeing it used.


Apologies! -JEA
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