Any Tektronix 4051, 5042, 4054, or 4662s or IBM 5100s out th ere?

From: joe <>
Date: Mon Jun 4 20:52:28 2001

Hi Mike,

    I have a LOADED 4051 and a IBM 5100. I have ALL the toys for the 4051
including the Altair-like front panel that was used for maintenance. I
also both of the optional 8" floppy drives. The 4662 is a plotter isn't
it? I think that's the model number of the one that I have.

    What the heck is a 4025?? I might be interested it. My wife makes
frequent trips to KC. In fact, she's out there now.


At 09:49 AM 6/4/01 -0500, you wrote:
>I recovered a Tektronix 4025 that still had a 3M style cartridge tape in the
>drive. Its a storage tube model, green screen and it works. The only
>problem is that the external case is missing. The keyboard and monitor
>bezel are there just the rest of the case is gone. I've had it in storage
>and I'd like to transfer it to someone who can appreciate it and maybe
>repair it.
>I'm in Kansas City
>Mike McFadden
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