Any Tektronix 4051, 5042, 4054, or 4662s or IBM 5100s out th ere?

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Date: Mon Jun 4 21:11:19 2001

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> What the heck is a 4025?? I might be interested it. My wife makes
> frequent trips to KC. In fact, she's out there now.
> Joe
> At 09:49 AM 6/4/01 -0500, you wrote:
> >I recovered a Tektronix 4025 that still had a 3M style cartridge tape in
> the
> >drive. Its a storage tube model, green screen and it works. The only
> >problem is that the external case is missing. The keyboard and monitor
> >bezel are there just the rest of the case is gone. I've had it in storage

The 4025 is a dumb terminal that Tektronix made with a separate keyboard. It
did not have a tape drive IIRC, nor a storage tube.

>From the description I thought it was a 4052 with the 2 & 5 transposed. I do
that sometimes. As Joe and everyone who collects old Tek knows is that the
cases are heavy high grade aluminum which are easy to clean and sell. Many of
these computers are guts only by the time anyone gets to them. I sent one in
similar condition to Joe a couple of years ago.

Astoria, OR
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