roll-yer-own i8080

From: Richard Erlacher <>
Date: Mon Jun 4 23:29:20 2001

I snagged the following note from comp.arch.fpga for those who're interested.



I would like to announce My80 processor core which is written with SFL.
It can fit into an ALTERA EPF10K30 or an ALTERA EPF6016 CPLD.
(Sorry We don't have any XLNX tools)
We got CP/M boot with success, and also got Mbasic run fine on it.

See more in


Naohiko Shimizu
Dept. Communication Engr./Univ. TOKAI
1117 Kitakaname Hiratsuka 259-12 Japan
TEL.+81-463-58-1211(ext. 4084) FAX.+81-463-58-8320
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