Versafloppy S-100 board

From: Jeff Hellige <>
Date: Tue Jun 5 04:38:16 2001

>You may find that the Versafloppy has an eprom with Z80 code which your 8080
>won't like. If you have a Z80A board and 64K of RAM available you need only
>figure out what the console for which the code in the EPROM was written would
>be. I've got several SD boards, but no FDC, and I really don't know whether
>these boards work or not, but I do believe that one popular configuration was
>with the SD Sales VDB8024 board, to which one attaches a parallel
>keyboard. If
>your doc's suggest that's what the EPROM supports, perhaps I can
>help by lending
>you that board. I may even have a keyboard that is set up for the VDB8024.

        Actually, the board looks rather flexible, which I guess
accounts for it's name. It's jumper selectable for two different
port address ranges (63H - 67H or E3H to E7H), CPU selection (Z-80,
8080, or 8085), 5 different interrupt handling modes and 7 different
drive selection modes, including for use with CDC9404 and 9406 drives
with a special cable, as well as support for both 8" and 5-1/4"
drives. I do have another S-100 system based on a Z80 but it's built
around a North Star floppy system and I'd just as soon leave that one
as-is. It has a homebrew ROM monitor.

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