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From: Russ Blakeman <>
Date: Wed Jun 6 17:40:10 2001

I doubt the sellers would pull out if that's where the buyers are with
exception if the fees/rules/etc prevented making money. No one gets on ebay
to be charitable, at least I don't. If I have something that would be of
value to the list or other lists I post it there and if no desire is shown
it goes to ebay and then the scrap bin.

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> On Tue, 5 Jun 2001, Marvin wrote:
> > I fully agree!!!!! Going head to head against ebay is the height of
> > stupidity at this point. However Ebay is continuing to do some pretty
> > stupid things that are getting a number of sellers pretty pissed off.
> > They are probably hoping to pick up enough business from that fallout
> > to stay in business.
> I've been following the stories (it seems that eBay is such an institution
> now that anything major they do becomes news worthy enough to be published
> in major newspapers). But at this point in time I can't imagine any
> circumstance by which eBay would lose it dominance. There would have to
> be a mass exodus of regular sellers to another service, and a major
> advertising campaign by a competing service, in order for eBay to lose the
> marketshare it currently enjoys.
> You have to realize that eBay got to where it is today because of two
> major factors. They were one of the first (if not the first) organized
> auction sites on the web, and more importantly, they advertised like mad.
> Once they went public and got the cash influx needed to accelerate
> advertising, the race was over.
> When people think of online auctions, they think "eBay". eBay is
> everywhere now. They have tie ins with at least one or two tv shows (I'm
> sure most people have seen the auctions advertised on The History Channel
> by now), they've bought some major "real world" auction houses, and they
> are even being quoted in comedy routines (you know you've arrived when
> you're mentioned in a David Letterman or Jay Leno monologue).
> Also, the sellers that are pissing and moaning about eBay's latest move
> with regards to the new software know full well that they aren't going to
> take their wares to another site and be as successful as they are
> on eBay.
> Another thing that eBay has that other auction sites don't is the
> buyers.
> Again, this goes back to advertising. When people get online to go look
> for used stuff, what's the first site they visit?
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