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From: Arthur Clark <>
Date: Wed Jun 6 22:41:48 2001

Hi Brian,

         I just want to put a word in with you re your disposal of non-DEC
stuff. I am interested in any Apple Computer and third party hardware and
software for the Apple // & // series 8 bit machines (as well as the 16
bit IIgs). I am also interested, at some point, in getting a "starter"
MicroVAX system. While I do not know a lot about them, I extensively used
such systems, and their more robust brethren, when I was in college in the
late 80s & early 90s. I have been told that these are good first systems
for collectors who don't have a lot of experience with miniframe and
mainfarme computers. Is that your opinion as well?


Arthur Clark

At 06:00 PM 6/6/01 -0400, you wrote:

>I am currently reducing my collection to "DEC only" and in the coming
>weeks(months) will be posting some giveaways. I have bunches of everything to
>get rid of. I will give precedence to DEC related trades and then just ask for
>shipping charges after that.
> First off I need to know if anyone is interested in
>Data General stuff. I have a couple of box's of manuals and software. I
>believe there might be some early NOVA manuals in the stack. I also have a
>8" rack mount floppy coming in. I would like to see these go to an active DG
>I currently have 7 Intel MCS -80/85 Family User manuals in new condition. Free
>to anyone. A few bucks for postage at your convienience would be nice but not
>necessary. Like I said I have a lot of stuff and the shipping charges are
>to add up after a while.
>-- Brian Roth - System Administrator
> - Old Computer Repository
>Preoccupation is my main occupation.....
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