classiccmp-digest V1 #621

From: Joel Weder <>
Date: Wed Jun 6 23:17:17 2001

Hi all..

This is just a quick test. I replied to the digest version of the list a few
days ago but haven't seen that message in the digest, so I'm wondering what
happened. Mind you could be it was deleted in disgust by the system because
I likely accidentally included the whole text of the digest in my reply.

By the way, I'm just getting into the classic computer thing. I found an
IMSAI in beautiful shape a few years ago at an auction, and just recently a
dusty old SWTPc 6800 at a flea market. The SWTP inspired me to find a source
for intelligent knowledge about these old beasts. Right now I'm trying to
talk to the IMSAI with my Hazeltine 1500 using current loop. I'm also trying
to figure out what software is in the EPROM's. There are two groups of
chips, one with 6 2708's and the other with 8, on a Godbout EconoROM board.

Anyway, hopefully THIS message makes it. I'm looking forward to getting to
know some of the folks here, and looking forward to getting to know my IMSAI
and 6800 better too!

Joel A. Weder
Received on Wed Jun 06 2001 - 23:17:17 BST

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