Storage of computer and parts in the residential area

From: Jeffrey S. Sharp <>
Date: Fri Jun 8 09:21:25 2001

Well, if you need to give away anything, I'm your man! ... Just
kidding. Mostly. :-)

Quoting Mike Ford <>:
> Notice of violation and order to comply
> * Storage of computer and parts in the residential area

First off, I've got to give a big ol' WTF to this. If there is a
city ordinance that restricts you from having computer equipment in
your home, then it's time that ordinance got smacked down:

(0) Is it entirely constitutional to limit the kind of things one
    can put in their home, assuming the things don't violate some
    other law restraining the general posession of the things (like
    gun-control or substance laws)? I'm guessing not...

(1) When Joe Suburban goes to an electronics store to pick up a PC
    for his home and then subsequently stores the PC in his home, is
    he also violating this law? If not, how can Mike be considered
    to be violating it?

(2) The reasoning may be that 'big' computers are reserved only for
    businesses, and have no place in the home. If that's what they
    are trying to pull on you, then I'm sure ClassicCmp will help
    you prove otherwise by providing examples of many people who use
    'big' computers non-commercially in their homes.

(3) They may just assume you are running a business, and your only
    violation would be having a business in a residential zone. That
    should be easy to disprove.

What exactly is the statute that you have 'violated'? Have you the
resources to go to court if need be?

Also, at this point, I would start looking for ways to legally make
your neighbor's life hell...

Jeffrey S. Sharp
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