Storage of computer and parts in the residential area

From: Jim Strickland <>
Date: Fri Jun 8 09:25:16 2001

Couldn't you sue them for looking in your windows and trespassing on
your property without a warrent?

> I am so steamed right now, buried in my junk mail I just found a letter
> from the city of Orange where I live. (peoples republic of California)
> Notice of violation and order to comply
> * Storage of computer and parts in the residential area
> Apparently some neighbor had a inspector come over and peek in my windows
> last week, and sure enough I do have a few computers stacked around right
> now. The gist of the complaint is that while I comply with all the noise,
> parking, etc. they want me to have a "Home Occupation Business License" and
> restrict my storage to 500 cubic feet in an enclosed garage.
> Now I guess I have to agree the home is occupied with computers, but my
> first reaction is that it is strictly a hobby, no business activity goes on
> at all. Before I say anything though I am going to go and read Orange
> Municipal Code 17.14.050(H) in the morning.
> I love the arrogance of these people too, giving me 14 days to comply. My
> guess is that at best this will be a big PITA, since it kind of hamstrings
> me, if I sell off a bunch of stuff, then I am a business, but if I don't
> then I may be looking at endless harassment.

Jim Strickland
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