Motorola 88000

From: Eric Chomko <>
Date: Fri Jun 8 09:21:33 2001

Julian Richardson wrote:

> Hi,
> > Not that I want to provide the canonical list of 88k machines, but
> I'm
> > guessing DG sold the most 88000 machines. I personally used a
> Tektronics
> > XD88, which was a beast performer at the time.
> I've got an XD88 (running now, thanks to list help!) - they really do fly
> for the age of the things. I can't remember how many 88100 chips it has -
> just the two I think.

Actually there are 3 chips. (I recently picked up the set on eBay).

> Not sure of the core speed either. My system's the '10

I believe the speed is 25 MHz, but should check to make sure.

> with the 8-bit framebuffer; wouldn't mind the '30 with the 24-bit unit (from
> the scare info I've heard this was a significantly different machine with a
> proper expansion bus etc.)
> I don't know why these things failed - I know they were hidiously expensive
> when new though ($15000 for an '88/10 in the late 80's) so maybe there just
> was no market for them... bet there aren't many left these days!

They were not PCs and were not really workstations. It was hard to place them
and as you mentioned theye were NOT cheap.

Encore Computer had a system based upon them as I recall, from around a decade
or so ago.


> cheers
> Jules
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