Storage of computer and parts in the residential area

From: Tony Eros <>
Date: Fri Jun 8 10:17:17 2001

500 cubic feet is pretty small -- 8.5 ft x 8.5 ft with a 7 foot ceiling is
505 cubic feet. I would definitely focus on the fact that this is a hobby.

Seems to me it would be pretty easy to support the contention that you're
not running a business.

Good luck!

-- Tony

At 10:43 AM 6/8/2001 -0400, you wrote:
>Mike Ford <> said:
> > I love the arrogance of these people too,
> > giving me 14 days to comply.
>It could be worse, you could've recieved the notice postmarked
>7 days after the date of notice, cutting your time in half. I just had
>to deal with some people like that (on different topic).... I never
>heard of such a thing, about personal storage, until now. At least
>the 500 cu-ft figure sounds liveable (it is hoped). Keep us posted.
>John A.
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