Storage of computer and parts in the residential area

From: Chad Fernandez <>
Date: Fri Jun 8 10:25:20 2001

I' surprised 1'x2' paving blocks under the wheels were allowed. I would
have thought that the whole area would have had to be done, under the
boat. I'm not gonna argue, However :-)

Reminds me, that I need to work on getting rid of a car in my folks yard

Chad Fernandez
Michigan, USA

Richard Erlacher wrote:
> I'd suspect that this is due to observability of "big iron" from some vantage
> point off the property. We've had annoying visits from city folks from time to
> time, apparently resulting from what one neighbor or another can see from his
> porch. My neighbor had a problem with his boat, which he parked in his front
> yard where it's shaded from the sun, and which I certainly like with parking it
> on the street. Someone didn't like that, however, and complained to the
> authrorities. The result was that a notice was sent by the city, citing a
> confusingly worded statute of which they included a relevant portion. It turns
> out, however, that, though, on first reading, the statute suggests that it's
> illegal to have anything at all anywhere on your property, what compliance with
> the statute really requres is a substantial concrete or other "firmament" on
> which to park the wheels of the trailer, which was easily solved by putting
> three 1' x 2' paving blocks under the wheels.
> I'd guess that there's a simple solution of that sort, if you allow cooler heads
> (your own, after it cools off) to prevail.
> Dick
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