From: Louis Schulman <>
Date: Fri Jun 8 14:04:19 2001

On Fri, 8 Jun 2001 10:45:45 -0600, Joel Weder wrote:

#Hi all...
#I've been trying to get some action from this IMSAI for awhile now.
#problem is I don't know what is on the EPROMs on the EconoROM board.
#looks like banks A & B, OR banks C & D, can be enabled together
starting at
#address 0000h. There are 6 2708's in A0 through B1, and 8 2708's in C0
#through C3.
#I've been looking for an EPROM burner that can read/write 2708's with
#luck so far. We have TWO machines at work, and neither will do it.
#know of a burner that WILL?

Yes. The Data I/O 29B with Unipak 2B will. I just burned one a couple
of weeks ago.

As I learned from Pete Turnbull, the reason almost no modern burner can
handle a 2708 is that it is a 3-rail chip, requiring, among other
things, +12V. Beginning with most 2716s, eproms only used +5V.

But, I have the machine, it works, and I would be happy to do it for
you, if you supply the chips and code.

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