Intecolor Updated Request

From: Anthony Clifton - <>
Date: Sat Jun 9 19:11:15 2001

[Message sent to classiccmp and carbon-copied to Carl Friend.]


The ISC Intecolor 8001 is missing the power cable (which is a funky
connector I can't
seem to locate a cord for) and the fuse holder and fuse, which I can't
identify. You can see the power connector in the lower left and the fuse
holder in the lower right.

If anyone can help me locate or can provide the correct power cable, fuse
and fuse for it (assuming it's not a standard fuse type), I would be GREATLY
appreciative. I'm prepared to pay money for them as I'd really
like to have this unit going in it's original condition.

Looking around, I located one on Carl Friend's
web site and discovered that it's alot more than I thought.

Here are pictures of my machine. The keyboard is about the niftiest thing
I've ever seen:

Apparently, it contains an 8080 with 64k of memory. 32k is dedicated to
ROM, 8k to video and 24k to program space. It's programmable in BASIC!


Anthony Clifton
Des Moines, Iowa
Received on Sat Jun 09 2001 - 19:11:15 BST

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