Talking 'bout shakin & quakin (was Re: Storage of computer and parts in the residential area)

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Date: Sat Jun 9 18:07:51 2001

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> IIRC, the largest US quake (of which we have reliable evidence) in the
>last 150 years was on the New Madrid fault in (I think) Tennessee, which
>changed the course of the Ohio River. It was approaching a 9.0 R.

If it's the one I'm thinking of, I think it was the Mississippi
that was reversed. As I understand it, what happened was that
one quake created an opening between the river and a low valley.
As water rushed into the valley, the souther part of the
river ran backwards. A few days later another quake closed
off the opening leaving the newly created Reelfoot lake.

Of course, if I'm thinking of a different quake, then I've
just contributed to the topic drift. At least it's more
than 10 years ago :-)

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