OT: PC AGP slots

From: Mike Ford <mikeford_at_socal.rr.com>
Date: Sun Jun 10 13:27:35 2001

>OK, this is seriously off-topic, but I know someone around here has to
>know, and I'm not sure where else to ask.
>Can you put a AGP 2x or 4x card in a system that only has a plain AGP slot?
>I've got a PII/333 in a 440LX system I'd like to put something like an ATI
>All-in-Wonder Radeon card into.

You should have basic functionality, but a 333 won't move the data back and
forth to a Radeon fast enough to allow much more than 50% of its normal
speed, ie worthless for video capture, games, etc. unless lots of features
are turned off. Given the $200+ street price of the all in wonder Radeon
(there is a $30 rebate at "featured" retailers right now though) you really
should put it into a decent newer motherboard. I would NOT buy a hot video
card now, then upgrade the motherboard etc. later, just a waste of money
given the new models of hot video cards will be out in the fall. Most
likely you would get more performance out of a $200 motherboard/cpu upgrade
and a cheap $75 Radeon LE.
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