Trade for CP/M 2.2 disks and manual for Heath/Zenith

From: Anthony Clifton - <>
Date: Sun Jun 10 15:45:03 2001

I found another yummy in the closet. It's the original ring binder, in fairly
good condition (no tears or rips), containing the documentation and original
diskettes for CP/M 2.2 for Heath/Zenith computers. I'm assuming it's for
the H89. It even has the original software license agreement, some addenda
and the Heath/Zenith insert in the front cover.

And here's my wish list of some things I'd like to trade for:

- Keyboard and Mouse for Mac Plus
- AppleCat Modem
- NetBSD complete and ready to install on my MicroVax II on TK50s
(I'll provide the TK50s if necessary)

I'm not sure of the value of what I have to offer equals the value of what
I'm asking for but, if not, I'm completely open to offers. I'm also open to
trades for green paper with past executive branch electees. =)


Anthony Clifton
Des Moines, Iowa
Received on Sun Jun 10 2001 - 15:45:03 BST

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