They cant stay here -- Whos wants a TOSHIBA T1200 and/or COMPAQ PORTABLE II?

From: Claude.W <>
Date: Mon Jun 11 13:04:59 2001

Hi all

I ended up with these this weekend and cannot keep these around.

I powered them both on, they started up both. Did not go any deeper into

No cracks or missing parts or big scratches....I suppose the rechargeable
battery on the T1200 is dead. No original P.S. for the T1200, you need
12VDC_at_2A or something like that...

Any trade offers considered, if you are a regular trader with me you can
probably get these free (for shipping?) if you really want one or both...

I am still looking for Sparc stuff like IPXes, Sparcs, framebuffers...and
SGI stuff...anything NON ibm pc type vintage or semi-recent can possibly
interest me...

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