Ebay horror ...

From: Douglas Quebbeman <dhquebbeman_at_theestopinalgroup.com>
Date: Mon Jun 11 13:10:54 2001

> >There are some folks who think dead computers are of value for something
> >than parts, but I don't know very many. Give the sensible ones a break,
> >you?
> I'm not saying that the PCjr falls into this category, but there are any
> number of systems that even if they're not working should be kept intact and
> not junked or canibalized for whatever useful parts you can get. This
> mainly applies to those machines that a collector is happy to find in any
> condition due to their rarity.

Yeah, I was really pissed when a breaker beat me out of a local PDP-11/73
last year. Enough that I almost tried to talk the seller out of selling
to me anyway, thinking I'd have to offer him some kind of sweetener for
the deal so living with a bad E-Bay rep wouldn't bother him so much.

Had it been an 11/40, 11/45, 11/50, or 11/70, I *would* have done it.

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