sync on green to horizontal and vertical wiring seperator.

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Date: Mon Jun 11 12:46:06 2001

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> Subject: Re: sync on green to horizontal and vertical wiring seperator.
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> > On 11 Jun, Tony Duell wrote:
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> > [LM1881]
> > > And I think that at least the Eleantec version can handle the
> > > sync rates of (at least) VGA monitors,=20
> > >From the features section of the National Semiconductor LM1881 data
> > sheet:
> > Horizontal scan rates to 150kHz
> Which would seem to be fast enough for any normal PC or Mac monitor....

Hmm, did took a look at it's pdf documentation on LM1881 but I still
don't see what can be done to get horizontal sync as well as vertical
sync which this latter is already done on LM1881?

Yes, I do understand this doc well to understand what it is missing
despite 150KHz horizontal is plenty! But not as composite which my
goal is seperate H and V sync.

Both composite sync and sync on green monitors still have to split
them to drive horizontal and vertical circuits.

Oh, I think mine does output composite syncs if I can find info about
this, would be easier but no different than sync on green since all
syncs is negative going while video part is positive going I think.



> -tony
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