Parting out systems

From: Michael B. Brutman <>
Date: Mon Jun 11 16:30:46 2001

I've bought pieces of systems instead of entire
systems too, and I was happy to find the one or two
oddball pieces that I did find. (The most memorable
one was a 64KB L2 cache module for an older Compaq

However, the thing that bugs me about this particular
seller and this set of auctions is that I got the
impression that this was a perfectly working machine,
and that it was just cut up for parts because even if
only two parts are sold, that's worth more than entire
systems typically go for. What do you think happens
to the parts that don't sell? Maybe they'll wind up
on Ebay again, or more likely, they'll get junked.
The seller made their money on the first overpriced
part they sold, so there is no incentive to take care
of the rest of the parts that don't sell.

Think about entropy for a minute .. once the discrete
pieces are split, it's harder to re-aquire them and
reassemble the machine.

So anyway, as a collector I'm a little miffed by it.
The seller's response wasn't rude - or at least is was
a rude as my unsolicited advice. ;-) As a capitalist,
it's the best route. I tend to side with the
collectors more, so I'm a little sad to see a machine
cut up for parts like this. The motherboard really
should have been kept with the keyboard I/R receiver -
they're not really discrete parts. That just shows me
the person doesn't know about the machine, nor cares.

And pity the buyer that doesn't know the going price
for a standard PCjr is about $10. This guy is selling
indivual pieces for $6.99 or so.

I'll crawl back to my hole now. ;-)


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