Parting out systems

From: Russ Blakeman <>
Date: Mon Jun 11 17:16:42 2001

I'cve had to part systems out as well or the alternative was a scrapper.
I've asked $4.99 for a full PS/2 55SX and not gotten any hits but pulled the
floppy out and had 5 or 6 inquiries for the floppy since it fits more
machines than just the 55SX - whodathunkit?

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> I've bought pieces of systems instead of entire
> systems too, and I was happy to find the one or two
> oddball pieces that I did find. (The most memorable
> one was a 64KB L2 cache module for an older Compaq
> desktop.)
> However, the thing that bugs me about this particular
> seller and this set of auctions is that I got the
> impression that this was a perfectly working machine,
> and that it was just cut up for parts because even if
> only two parts are sold, that's worth more than entire
> systems typically go for. What do you think happens
> to the parts that don't sell? Maybe they'll wind up
> on Ebay again, or more likely, they'll get junked.
> The seller made their money on the first overpriced
> part they sold, so there is no incentive to take care
> of the rest of the parts that don't sell.
> Think about entropy for a minute .. once the discrete
> pieces are split, it's harder to re-aquire them and
> reassemble the machine.
> So anyway, as a collector I'm a little miffed by it.
> The seller's response wasn't rude - or at least is was
> a rude as my unsolicited advice. ;-) As a capitalist,
> it's the best route. I tend to side with the
> collectors more, so I'm a little sad to see a machine
> cut up for parts like this. The motherboard really
> should have been kept with the keyboard I/R receiver -
> they're not really discrete parts. That just shows me
> the person doesn't know about the machine, nor cares.
> And pity the buyer that doesn't know the going price
> for a standard PCjr is about $10. This guy is selling
> indivual pieces for $6.99 or so.
> I'll crawl back to my hole now. ;-)
> Mike
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