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From: joe <rigdonj_at_intellistar.net>
Date: Tue Jun 12 11:35:51 2001

At 08:55 AM 6/12/01 -0500, John wrote:
>At 09:25 AM 6/12/01 -0400, Craig Smith wrote:
> > FINALLY! A voice of reason in this seemingly endless debate.
> Well said
> >Joe. If you add up the time spend digging stuff out of musty basements
> >and barns, gas and wear & tear on vehicles driving hundreds of miles and
> >time cleaning, testing, etc .... what little return you receive
> >[even at eBay {gasp!} prices] is well deserved.
>Amen. If anyone is at all serious about making money to
>pay for their time, I can't think of many substances you
>can resell on eBay that would make it worthwhile. On the
>other hand, it might be a good way to dispose of stuff
>that comes along while you're doing something else.

    Exactly! I doubt anyone on this list makes a living by selling on
E-bay. I do it to find homes for some of the more interesting stuff that I
find but can't keep and to help pay the expenses of looking for the
stuff. Even then I doubt that what I make from E-bay justifies the time
and effort of listing, packing and shipping the stuff.

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