Old Labtam 3000 computer

From: Jeff Hellige <jhellige_at_earthlink.net>
Date: Tue Jun 12 11:41:41 2001

Here's an email I received today that someone here on the list might be
interested in. He included a photograph, which I've not attached since it's
being forwarded to everyone. Please reply to the original sender.



>Dear Sir,
>I have
>LABTAM series 3000 computer, and like to sale them. I think is very rare
>because I havn't find nothing in the internet about computer an manufacturer.
>It is made in Australia 1984 or 1985 y. by Labtam international Pty. Ltd.
>TWO procesors ZX80 and Intel 8086
>Second terminal with color monitor and keyboard
>1Mb. RAM
>15 Mb. HDD
>Two FDD (8" and 5,25")
>O/S - CP/M; Cuncarent DOS; MS/DOS 2.22.
>Special interface for getting signals from elektroencefalograf.
>Full technical documentation
>30 pcs of 8"disketes with software
>If you interested in buying them write to me.
>jonas_at_omgema.lt <mailto:jonas_at_omgema.lt>
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