old external Apple drive

From: Richard Erlacher <edick_at_idcomm.com>
Date: Wed Jun 13 16:25:38 2001

Though it's quite possible, and, in fact, likely, the drive is dead, the thing
proclaims itself to be a Western Digital 1006V SCS... (that's all the space the
ADAPTEC software allows for name) and it responds to a select, though it thinks
it's not spinning up, and I agree, since I can't hear it spin up. I'm not
convinced 1006V is a WD drive name, though it fits into the pattern of their
bridge controller series. If I could get the drive enclosure opened up, I'd
know right away. A 20 MB drive, though possibly handy for a small CP/M system,
is otherwies of little interest, so I'm not worried about the drive. I'd like
to know about the bridge controller, if there is one, though. The last two
Apple-compatible drive enclosures I took apart used a bridge. I also have a
couple that don't use a bridge, however, so anything's possible.


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> >When my WD20AP unit is attached to an ADAPTEC AHA1542B under DOS and
> >allowed to
> >boot with the drive turned on, it "sees" and reports the presence of a
> >WD-1006-something which it later reports it can't spin up.
> OK, pretty common item, a zero footprint, ie it sits under a compact mac
> like the Plus, and inside is a bare SCSI drive and power supply, no bridge
> thingy, just wires to the SCSI drive from the connectors and ID switch. The
> failure mode is about 3:1 drive vs power supply, so many are like yours,
> talks but doesn't spin.
> If you replace the drive, and the power supply is still good, they are
> pretty handy to have around in a mac environment, since almost all macs
> support external SCSI devices you can put one of the early flexible OS
> releases like 7.5.3 on a small hard drive and then use it to boot test
> systems etc. With a larger drive it is handy to both boot old systems, and
> to make quick copies of the internal hard drive before formatting etc.
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