VAX 8600 lot hauled (was: Austin Texas UT Auction)

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Date: Wed Jun 13 16:23:21 2001

> > I hope you realize that with a MicroVAX II, especially in a BA123,
> > the most desirable part is the chassis itself, even if it's not all
> > there.
> I hadn't thought of this. Thanks for the heads-up.

I figured that might be the case. Which is why I brought it up. The thing
to remember is that a BA123 from a MicroVAX II makes a *VERY* nice starting
point towards building your own PDP-11.

I'm sure there are lots of people that will disagree, but a MicroVAX II is a
real dog, I'd rather use it as a parts donor for a PDP-11, and run VMS on a
4000 class VAX (either a VAXstation 4000, or a VAX 4000/*) if I'm running it
on a VAX at all. Of course the thing to remember is I've got my VMS boxes
doing real work, and I'm more interested in the Operating Systems than the
hardware in most cases (old PDP's with full front panels being the


PS I'm not trying to start a flamewar, it's just my opinion, and largly
based on the fact that MFM disks are the standard for MicroVAX II class
machines (and yes I've got several that are still VAXen, including a
VAXstation II/RC that won't be a parts donor (hey, it was my first VAX if
nothing else)).
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