Unibus (was Re: VMS Documentation CD-ROM &unibus question)

From: Roger Ivie <IVIE_at_cc.usu.edu>
Date: Wed Jun 13 18:22:05 2001

> I can get 28/56 pin connectors (~$4 each) and cut them down - I'm looking
> at a Sullins EZA28DCSN. Given that I'm attempting to replicate a DEC H851,
> I suppose I could cut two down to size, but put them on a PCB with the cut
> edges on opposite sides, providing for _some_ sort of left-right registration
> integrity. The PCB would be about 2.5" by 1" with 72 holes. Depending on
> quantity, they might be <$10 for double-sided with plated-through holes.
> A single-sided version I could do at home on a prototype run (never tried
> to burn double-sided boards at home).

How many H851s do you need? I've got a grundle of 'em tucked away if
I can figure out which box I put them in.

Roger Ivie
Received on Wed Jun 13 2001 - 18:22:05 BST

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