VAX 8600 lot hauled (was: Austin Texas UT Auction)

From: Jeff Hellige <>
Date: Wed Jun 13 18:32:42 2001

>PS I'm not trying to start a flamewar, it's just my opinion, and largly
>based on the fact that MFM disks are the standard for MicroVAX II class
>machines (and yes I've got several that are still VAXen, including a
>VAXstation II/RC that won't be a parts donor (hey, it was my first VAX if
>nothing else)).

        The MicroVAX II runs nicely, though still slow, using ESDI
drives with a controller such as those from Dilog. When I got mine,
it had two full height ESDI drives, mounted in a BA23 case, totalling
almost 800meg. The drives, 13meg of RAM, three serial port boards
and VMS 4.6. I doubt the MFM drives would've stood up so well to all
the moving around that the system has been through.


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