A/C for Workstations

From: ajp166 <ajp166_at_bellatlantic.net>
Date: Wed Jun 13 19:11:02 2001

I have seen small (4000-5200btu) airconditioners that generally run
under 600w (mine is 5500btu and 575w).


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Subject: A/C for Workstations

+AD4-Anybody ever see vended a real small Air
+AD4-conditioner, say 20 pounds and 200 watts
+AD4-for small situations, like one workstation?
+AD4-Most small A/C's seem to be 80 lbs 1000
+AD4-watts and up. We had a wheeled portable
+AD4-at IBM but it was def. too large.
+AD4-Would 10 or so Pelletiers be the trick?
+AD4-John A.
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