A/C for Workstations

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Where these are fun is if you've not got windows that are suitable for
putting them in, and/or you're in an apartment complex that doesn't allow

I recently picked up a very fancy "Portable" A/C unit from Fry's. It was
supposed to be about the best available. It rolled around on wheels and had
a tube to shove the hot air out the window (plus a sliding bracket to close
off the part of the window that was open to allow for the tube). One slight
problem, the tube radiated so much heat that it couldn't even cool a 10x10
room, and it was rated at something like a 10x20 or bigger room. All it was
good for was pumping out a nice cold blast of air directly in front of it.
Needless to say, that sucker got returned.


> I have seen small (4000-5200btu) airconditioners that generally run
> under 600w (mine is 5500btu and 575w).
> Allison
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> Subject: A/C for Workstations
> +AD4-Anybody ever see vended a real small Air
> +AD4-conditioner, say 20 pounds and 200 watts
> +AD4-for small situations, like one workstation?
> +AD4-Most small A/C's seem to be 80 lbs 1000
> +AD4-watts and up. We had a wheeled portable
> +AD4-at IBM but it was def. too large.
> +AD4-Would 10 or so Pelletiers be the trick?
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> +AD4-John A.
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